I'm 18 now but when i was 14 i was trying to be a model and wanted to loose weight so i decided to do it the wrong way. i became anorexia and then modeling didn't work out and started putting weight back on. now I'm bigger than i was before, and finally found a boyfriend that likes me for who i am. but i still feel like i should loose weight the right way and he says that he will help me all the way.

but when ever i have tried to exercise lately i haven't been able to do it. for some reason when i go for a walk, ride my bike, and etc. as soon as i stop i feel light headed and want to pass out. i drink enough water, i pretty much live on water and know that I'm not dehydrated? i tried eating before, and sometimes at least 2 hrs before exercising and still feel like throwing up during or after exercising. i know this is a result of becoming anorexia and need help because i don't want to result back to loosing the weight the wrong way. any help or ideas will really be appreciated.

thanks Sammy