Hey, this is my first time on any forum of sorts. I hope this works!

I was anorexic 3 years back, kept that up for over a year, got scared and binged to gain weight again, couldnt stop binging and gained over 20 pounds over my original weight, and now im lost. to put how much weight that is into perspective, i'm only 5' 3". eek.

The anorexic mindset has never left. Whenever i look into the mirror, my face convulges with disgust. Even now, as i type, i can hear my mom upstairs talk about how overweight i am and how it is a shame yadddiyaddiyaddah.

I'm lost and I have badly beaten up self esteem... I'm not good at reaching out to others, but I think I'll try here. I'm sure a lot of people are going through the same thing; I'm just here to try to be supportive and get back on track!

I've been a lurker for a bit, and this forum really seems to do a lot for most of the people here! I'm excited and, for once, a bit hopeful. We'll see where we go! i'm looking forward to living again!