Well I am not sure that I have a text book eating disorder, but my eating is a bit disordered.

I used to be only slightly under weight (BMI 17). Now I am normal (BMI 20) and on my way back to where I started. Maybe?

I b/p daily, usually in the evenings. I love going to the gym and have to eat a super healthy 200 cal breakfast in the morn which I exercise off. Then I eat a 400 cal lunch. Then I go home and eat and eat (any where from a few hundred calories to a few thousand) and purge, and hate myself for it. Or on the other hand, I might just eat a 100-200 cal breakfast, then have a few 50 cal snacks through out the day and that's all, w/ little purging. And then about once a month when I exercise a ton I eat a whopping 1200 cal all day long.

A lot of times I purge through out the day but that leaves me feeling weak and I can't function for some reason so I've learned small snacks keep me going.

I'm still losing weight. I try to be healthy, but sometimes it's impossible not to get obsessed with calories. So then I let myself eat and end up purging. Mentally I feel best when I consume less than 800 cal a day. But physically my body can not handle that for some reason.

So I am not spiraling into ana, nor do I lean towards mia all the time. Ednos maybe? I've been hospitalized but that was quick and I wasn't considered too much of a threat so they let me go after a month.

Maybe I do not belong here. I don't have any one to talk to about this and food and exercise and calories consume most of my thoughts.