Last night I had a family meal I had to go to and have been dreading all week and getting really worked up about. Was so worried about putting on weight and having to eat lots.
Well it all went ok as it could (told them I'd been out for a big lunch beforehand), ended up having to eat three courses but were reasonably healthy things as they are calorie counting at moment. The starter was small and for the main just had tiny piece of duck and more veg. The pudding was bakewell tart and ended up having small piece and the binge instinct took over so had another but i was so chuffed I avoided purging which was my main concern as promised myself I wouldn't. Did end up feeling really awful and bad in the evening as I failed and ate to much tho.

When I weighed myself last night I had put on 2-3lb from yesterday morning but when I weighed this morning I was the same weight as yesterday so was soooo pleased. Just got to hope it doesn't go on tomorrow instead. Am taking it steady today and sticking religiously to my 700cal maximum and hoping to lose again tomorrow.

Got the same next sunday with same family members so not sure what excuse will use tho.