This is the WORST paradox I can think of.

I can't do core/strength/pilates workouts without bruising and killing my poor self. Usually I try to push myself to do things that I feel I'm just being weak about, but I literally could not make myself do the back rolls during pilates because I thought my sacrum (tailbone) was going to tear a hole through my skin and rip my mat. I don't have too much padding there or on those glorious hip bones that I love to see. They are both bruised now. Embarrassing!

But the thing is, I definitely am not that toned and there are parts of me that can stand to shed some excess flab. This isn't even like body dimorphic disorder or my ED talking. How am I supposed to get rid of this stupid tummy and thunder thigh fat and define my muscles if I keep coming out of my workouts looking like someone has been using my body as a punching bag!?