I finally got my courage up, and well cracked, I just couldn't take it anymore. And I'm getting help with mia over the summer, I'm either going into rehab or therapy.

Comments anyone?


~Walk with Mia~
She says, "Come on and walk with me
"I'm much better than Ana wait and see."
So I take her hand and she leads me down a trail,
I notice though it doesn't have any guard rails.

I ask, "Mia where are we headed?"
She asks me nicely, "Why are you dreadin'?"
I know she only means to help, but she is controlling me,
My eyes are opened, and I have began to see.

She holds my hand all the more tighter,
I struggle with her, but can't shake her grip.
She's trying to push me,
Lieing constantly...

She asks, "What's wrong with you"
I reply, "You're almost like Ana this is true
"You are controlling, and pushing, and shoving
"And soon you'll put me in my grave and I'll have wings"

She laughs at my comment and tells me this,
"If you don't stick with me, I'll give you your wish"
I ask her, "My wish? What do you mean?"
She growls lightly, "Just walk with me"

The walk is a struggle, with the truth
You're lying to friends, family who all think you're true.
If you're walking with Mia, let go of her hand.
If you don't let go, you're headed to dead man's land.

But I understand completely, I know how it is
I know how you need her, how true it tis.
But you need to let go, before it's too late.
If you don't, you might see death's gate.

So I ask Mia through tears, "Is it worth it"
and she says, "If you want to be thin and fit"
But she's not making me fit, she's killing me slowly,
How did my life get to be so lowly?

Any comments on my poem?