I have recently been trying to break the b/p cycle. Trying to have small breakfast to boost metabolism (small bowl of cereal and actimel), lunch (salad or soup) tea (usually 300 cals max). I usually bring couple of snack type things for during day to.
However I have really been struggling as just end up buying more to eat usually unhealthy binge type things with intention of having just a taste but end up eating whole lot and hence only maintaining.
I have been finding that as soon as I have had breakfast it sets me up for being hungry all day and wanting to eat, so usually everything is gone by lunchtime and usually bout 100cals from my limit. My afternoon is then spent thinking only about food and what I can eat, sometimes end up finding something to eat, and by time get home have gone over limit have small tea and more over and by evening it's all gone wrong and well over my limit.
I was wondering what is the smallest thing that would give my metabolism a boost in the morning and perhaps stop this hunger all day. It's easier to resist when haven't had breakfast for some reason.
Is an actimel enough??

Sure there was something else but can't remember lol

Sorry it's so long but wanted to fill in whole situation.