Hi I'm new here, and i need some help/advice

I really think I need to loose weight, I'm so fat and flabby I hate it.
But the thing is my mum wont let me go on a diet.
Because if I were to go on a diet or just stop eating, she would send me back to Holland (where I was born) back to my dad (who I do NOT like) and then he would probably send me to a clinic. (she is a mad person and overreacts mayorly at everything)
So please please PLEASE does anyone know how I could cut down eating?
I eat about 500 calories a day and excersize for about an hour, and i walk about an hour a day, and just general stuff.

I'm 1,69m and I weigh 55 kilo's.
I want to weigh max 50 min 45.


thankyouuu (: