I am pretty new here and have only been b/p for a few weeks - but I know now that I need help - and I've been reading a lot on the internet about bulimia.

When I first read about some people taking massive doses of laxatives I thought they did it to just clean out the colon and get rid of any bloated sort of feeling. I can relate to that.

But then by reading some posts here it became clear that some people take laxatives thinking that they will help them block calories and lose weight... this is totally not going to happen! Laxatives act on the Colon, (large intestine) food is digested well before the waste gets to the colon. Digestion and the absorbtion of calories, vitamins, minerals, etc. happens in the mouth, stomach and small intestine. Laxatives will do nothing to stop this process. Laxatives only purge the colon.. long after the calories have been digested and either used as energy or stored as fat, which happens in the small intestine.

Laxatives could perhaps get rid of water (dangerous) to make it seem like weight is lost (well yeah, you might weigh slightly less because water (and pooh) do weigh something!) But this can also make you constipated so it's like a viscious cycle!

So please try and understand this and don't use laxatives. Large doses will have NO EFFECT! on weight gain and will only cause more pain and suffering. Purging the stomach by vomiting is hurtful enough!