I'm new-ish - I was a member a few years ago, but forgot my username and what email I used.... But yeah, I've had a long history with depression, self-injury, and disordered eating. I've been in outpatient treatment for bulimia from last august to just this last april, but... my living situation and all hadn't changed, and I ended up just resuming my actions. And I've been dealing with self-injury for 5-ish years, and had quit for almost a year, but had a few recent slip-ups.

Anyway, my name's Amiee, I'm 18 (19 in two months), and I'm working at Round Table (one of the worst places for an eating disordered person, I know)... and am working on moving out of my grandmother's house, and am taking a semester off from college to do so. I'm a psych major, and am thinking of minoring in sign language.

Honesty, though, I have no idea what I really plan on doing with my life. I'm at this point where I don't really want to continue on, hence my seeking support and such.

Um... yeah. I guess that's enough for now.. if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!