i've had mia for 4 years now going on 5.
i dont wanna ramble on my whole story cuz im sure its the same as a lot of everyone else's. the last couple months my ed has been a combination of ana/mia.
i wont eat for a couple days and blame it on school being busy and me just forgetting. when i finally ate a meal i told myself it was to much and made it come back up. that whole act is quite casual i have no problem with it no need to force or anyhting, i can walk out and no one would suspect. after 4 years i would hope so.
today i binged...and of course that always is followed with a purge. i haven't binged in months i haven't eaten this much in a very long time and i alsohavent throw up that much in months, it threw me completely off, all i could think about was food...all day. i hate food its disgusting the act of eating is horriffic and to think how much i did it i am so disgusted with myself. im not sure how any of u can help maybe just try to relate or something..im not sure if u call this a relapse cuz ive been do it this whole time but with out binging.idk give me ur thoughts please.