sooo...ive been dating my boyfriend for a month now and he doesnt know, mia is a big part of my life and i feel obligated to tell him. im not the smallest of girls, i lost to much weight too fast from a fasting diet where i only drank 5 protien shakes a day and lost a hundred pounds, ive lost and gained and lost it again so many times my skin has reallly been damaged. and with me never eating i know my bf prolly suspects somehtign along the lines of ed, but i can be certain and i know im hiding it from him but i just dont want him to think i am weak, or pathetic for resorting to treating my body this way because of my obsessive psychological issues with food and weight.
the ppl i have told r convinced he will be sweet and nurturing about it, but hes kind of a sarcastic guy if he ever turns it on me and tries to make it funny, i know ill be offended cuz its not a joke im really trying to keep it under control.
what do u all think?