A man in his near 30ies visited his doctor at a local medical center in Greece.His complaint was that he was suffering from a kind of anxiety while he was speaking with other people.He claimed that he had a kind of social phobia.He mentioned that he had a history with other kinds of phobias dyring the past years ,but he said that none of them had a negative effect in the quality of his life.He said that he didn't have any problems in his childhood, and his parents were overprotected but they did not satisfy all of his favors. Actually they didn't satisfy not even half of them. This patient reported that this neurosis that he had ,had a negative impact in his life.His first sexual experience was with a whore.

After a conversation between the patient and the doctor, the patient was told that the reason of his neurosis ,according to Freud, was a hidden desire that couldn't be satisfied.After a short period of time,dyring which the two of them were in close contact, the patient reported that he realized the existence of that desire but he said that it could not come out via the orgasm, but it remained inside and cause the neurosis. The doctor advised the patient to have an eye on that desire and try by himself to describe and obscure that desire.

After a long period of time the patient went to the doctor and he reported that he had found the solution of his problem, and he was absolutely sure that it was the right one.According to the patient the reason for his neurosis was a desire that couldn't be satisfied because a certain point inside the penis had to be sexually stimulated,and propably that point was inside the urethra.The reason why he couldn't get rid of his sickness was because he didn't have any access to that point.Of course he didn't try any practice that would put him into danger to get an inflammation in his urinary system.

If his claims are proved to be true for social phobia,maybe it would be proved to be useful for other kinds of neuroses as well, such as depression,eating disorders etc.This could open a new pathway in the treatment of these entities????..