wow, i've been a member here 4ever! But i had not been on in a longgg time...but im back! (im 18 years old now wooohoo)
I wanted to up date those who had read my thread before, about my weight loss thanks to the meds (of which i will still NOT SAY THE NAME OF) sorry

I know this will shock (like i shocked myself to this day) but i lost a total of 56lbs since last aug2006 and keept it off!!! (thats the most i've EVER LOST!!)
I took alot of hard hungrrry day N NIGHTS, let me tell you. And i also joined sports at school, so the partices could wip me into shape (and i couldn't just not go cuz i would have let the team down) so it was better there then any gym!(i have also become Vertareian, mainly as an excuses to eat less haha )

" But after all this have come to realize that being thin doesnt even make me that happy, i mean it does but not incerdably, u know ? i am still the same!
I still have the same fears as before: ("am i skinny enugth?"/ "Am i worthy enugth?"/" do my thies touch, in these jeans?"/ "is my stomuch flat enugth?")
And i have also come to realize that maybe i didnt want to loose weight for myself i wanted to do it to please other plp. Like guys, what PIGS some truly are!, now they what to ask me for my number/ talk to me/ they look at me as i walk by..... when before i was nobody to them!/!!
and maybe i still am beause all they are just looking for in me is SEX! not to get to know me ....the real me inside that never changes...just SEX !
*At least when i was FAT i knew when a guy liked me (if one ever truly did) it was beacuse he saw through the "MY FATTTNESS" and right at the real ME inside, not a sexual object that would just pleaser him when he was in need of it n deffently not just a bootycall"

And now that i see this, more than ever i want to stay a Virgin.