So I've found a new home. CB has a horrible rule about posting every few weeks or something and it's not suitible for my lifestyle. (I'm in the act of hiding my disorder consistantly; however we shall cross that bridge momentarily.)

My name is Victoria, but most people call me Tori. I have no preference really, I'm just a few weeks shy of my seventeenth birthday. I was diagnosed formally with "bulimarexia" or EDNOS as I would later learn from a dietician at a hospital at the age of fifteen. I spent the first five months of 2007 in and out of hospitals and Intensive outpatient programs. I was later re-diagnosed to be a "purging anorexic" at the last hospital I went to, as they took note I only purged what little food I ate. I don't care much for labels. I did make a successful attempt at recovery for a period of three months, though due to a problem with partying and oversleeping I didn't gain much weight. I've relapsed twice since my last hospital stay but not anything too major.

I will not post my stats as I see that to be triggering to some, although I do believe I am at a perfectly healthy weight as do my doctors. I will however say this, I am about ten lbs above my lowest weight and aproximately seventy something below my heighest.

You will never hear me glamourize my disease. At most I loathe it. It's caused me to dislocate my hip, and have numerous injuries this past year that have kept me from dancing which is something I truly love. In addition to that, I have extremely low blood-pressure with syncope, I do not know if the two are related, but it would not suprise me.

Now that we're past that. I'm from the DFW area in Texas. I live currently with my mother and sister but we're soon to move with my mom's highschool best friend and my child-hood best friend into a much larger house. I grew up on the stage and in theatre. So naturally in highschool I'm associated with it, only instead of being in the limelight, I prefer to play with the lights and sound instead. I also am a dancer. I take private ballet lessons, and have been dancing jazz since I was thirteen. I have four younger siblings and my father travels alot, he is re-married and lives nearby. I am an avid party girl and jokingly my friends call me whori, though my reputation hardly suits it. I do have addictions though, those being smokes and booze. More the former than the latter. Oh and coffee too, coffee is probably the strongest addiction of them all, I drink it nearly black these days.

Yep that's me. =]