hi! im new here, and i just thought i would introduce myself my name is sadie and im 16 years old. ive been suffering from both bulimia and anorexia for 2 years now its not something im proud of, and not something i can just easily talk to my friends and family about, obviously. thats why i decided to join this forum.because i know theres so many comforting people here that can help me.people that can understand me. i just need somebody to talk to, who i can relate too. its really hard going through this, and theres times i wish i could just be normal and just eat and not feel so guilty. i wish i could just enjoy life and not have to worry about every morsel that enters my mouth. i wish i didnt obsess over my weight and constantly weigh myself, my heart plummeting to my stomach when i see ive gained a pound. i just wish i could feel , and actually be beautiful. thats all i want for myself, is to have that confidence ive always been missing. i guess you could say im sort of empty inside, and not just physically, but emotionally too. thats all i really have to say for now. just talk to me, be my friend, and ill be the best one that i can to you in return we can get through this , i just know it.