Hello I'm new. I'm a 24 year old from the usa looking to find the perfect body. I'm not really "ana" or whatever. I just diet alot.

Feel free to chat with me, but I don't really like people who are "wannas" because nobody should want an eating disorder. If you diet that's fine, but I don't like people who start a diet and suddenly think they are "omfg liek i'm ana111!" I appreciate real people, if you really have an ED I understand. But please don't come to me thinking you are ana when you are just on a diet... ect.

I am a perpetually depressed girl, and I've lost all who are close to me in life through either death or moving away from them. I am looking for friends!

I have several disorders and my body aches day in and day out, so you may find me grumpy. What's more to say