I never did introduce myself, just jumped in and started posting.

I'm 30, in grad school for creative writing. Do all kinds of art: poetry, fiction, photography, dance. My dog is practically attached to me. My husband, not so much, but that's just the way he is.

I was fat in high school and got super fit in college through dance. Then, after my wedding, I blew out my knee and got sick, put on steroids for months, balloon up to about 230 lbs. (I'm 5'11.) Husband thought that'd be a great time to call me fat. From "concern." I'm still pissed.

Got the knee fixed (major surgery), the illness diagnosed, new meds, and started a life of not eating and over exercising. At first, Is get so hungry I would cry. I still wouldn't eat, but I'd cry. That doesn't happen much anymore.

Crashed from 230 to 157 lbs in record time. I seem to be holding here no matter how much I exercise or restrict. It's frustrating. In therapy, but we moved recently so the first therapist wouldn't listen because he didn't SEE any weight loss. How sweet. The one I have now is good, though. Got the EDNOS label. Whatever.

Some days I "try to recover" and eat an almost-decent amount of calories, around 1000. But then I feel/look so fat. I want my clothes to fit. And I can't be ridiculed by my husband again, even if he means well and just has trouble being PC because of the Aspergers (which we just found out about).

Yeah. So, sorry if some days I seem pissed off. I'm really pretty even-tempered and cheerful. But I need some place where I can be...not.

Thanks for reading. I did NOT intend to be this wordy! lol