No-one really cares about these lol but I will post anyway incase you want to know

I feel like I have experienced the whole spectrum of eating disorders. I have gone through different periods of my life with different eating habits, but never normal.

It started with Bulimia which as far as I remember started at 11, but I think I had soem eating issues before that. Then it was BED/Bulimia combined from about the age of 13, then Anorexia from 15, then Anorexia B/P subtype from 17, then Anorexia with Bulimic tendencies from 18, and now back to Anorexia B/P subtype from about 19.

I don't really know why it started but I remember being aware of the fact I had an ED from about 11 years old. I'm nearing 21 now. I would really like to find out what triggered it.

I don't know what i'm going to get from coming on hear but it would be nice to talk to people about it who understand.