Hi, when my mum died my dad went through a very traumatic time, she used to keep the house spotless as she was unemployed, which we all found really nice, after she passed (god bless) my dad became obsessed with keeping the house tidy. He is currently getting help for his OCD but it's not really working out... I can't begun to imagine what he goes through with it... But since I've had problems with my eating I've become more and more aware that he won't allow me to do certain things... Like make my own tea, pour my cereal in the morning, pour the milk, cook my vegetables, or even pour my gravy.... Does anyone else in my dads situation do this for anyone else? I have spoken to him about it and said it would make me happier if I could portion my food out myself as I'm always scared he adds sugar or salt in lowmquantities so I wouldn't recognise them... :/