So, it's summer right? Well my mom has tried to drag me to this stupid pool that the highest part you are allowed to swim in is like 3ft 6in. I'm 5ft 3in, which puts me to where if I swim then I get hurt. I want to go to the real pool that's FREE in our neighborhood with some friends. She won't let me because I have to be with an "adult", well I told her then let's go and instead she sits down on her fat butt and eats more ice cream. She complains about being fat, and she won't do ANYTHING.
I'm just trying to be a teenager again, which means for me. Sleeping late, staying up late, going to the pool with friends, and just being reckless. She's trying to make me an adult. "Take care of kaliee, watch the girls, clean the kitchen, do this, do that, take this for me, blahblahblah."
I AM FIFTEEN. I want to play, I want to be a teenager. I don't want to be the parent to a 5 year old. I WANT TO BE WITH MY FRIENDS BEFORE I HAVE TO GO ACROSS THE COUNTRY FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER.