and I am not sure if I believe that. I have been milking her for details all of my life (since I was 4 and first found out "mommy was sick because of food") and all she will say is that she stopped. She just got so scared because of a hernia she stopped. Now trust me, I, being anorexic, have tried to stop, and it really doesn't work that way! Now she seems to have BED, but she doesn't recognize that.

My mom is bipolar, and she is very unpredictable and never on the right meds. So constantly avoiding her so I don't get yelled at is a big part of my life. Her biggest fear is that I will develop an ED, so I really do and I really don't want to tell her.

And what's really weird, is that she thinks that she is normal and a good mother.

My life is so messed up, I really want to rub that fact in her face. I am sick of the public
humiliation, I am sick of the weight obsession, AND I AM SICK OF HER!!

I think my mother caused my ED.

What can I do to get her to lay off me and stop making me hate myself? Avoiding her is difficult, as we live in the same house.

Any support would be amazing!