In the past I struggled with anorexia, dropping
from 135 to 101 pounds at 5'5". In the last year I started
convincing myself that I didn't want this to control me anymore
so I gained all the weight back. I'm at the perfect size for my height
but I can't help but miss where I was. Lately it's been taking over me again
and I've almost completely stopped eating.
The reason I've been triggered again though is myself, I used to be
so absolutely small that seeing pics of me makes me want it back more than anything.
It also doesnt help that I used to be well known on the internet under the name
Tonstaar (google it or whatever) and now my followers/subscriber are continuouslly
telling me how much weight ive gained, how I'm fat and ugly now and it really hurts.
All I want is to be accepted again...