My ED came back around 7 months ago (I had been free for 3 long years) first anorexia went in, and bulimia came back later. I was 62 kg back then, now I am 54 and I will go crazy if I come back to that weiight. The thing is that I am losing all the control I got over food in all these months It's 1:28 am and I just ate bread with strawberry jam and a HUGE glass of milk with cereal...It would have been a madness to do this some months ago, it might be a syntom of recovery, but if I get back to 62 again I know anorexia will be back and way worse than now T.T

Has this ever happened to any of you? How the hell do I control myself? I dont want to gain any weight, I am still healthy, I dont want to lose more, I just want to maintain this weight