Hey! I'm new to why eat, but I'm not exactly new at having a ED.

I've been struggling for about 7 years, or more. First I lost about 30 kilos (sorry I'm from Norway and forgotten all about lbs and stuff that I used to know before) and ended up in hospital when I lost all control. I got up to 48 kg's again and stayed there until about one and a half year ago when I dropped down to 40 again without even trying, like my lowest weight was.. 6 months ago I decided to recover on my own and gained healthy at first, started lifting weights to get fit, until I started bingeing. Now I cant stop eating and binge all day, every day, and the weight have jumped up to somewhere between 60-65 kg in a couple of months and its a living nightmare. Im waaay too chubby and I'm way out of control!!

I need to do something. I need to stop bingeing and eating, and I need to lose weight. I feel totally fat now, with the height of 5'5ish (165 cm) and I cant get out of the house cause I cant stand my body at all. No exercise, no friends, no job, no school, no NOTHING. But I need someone that understands to listen, so I thought I'd give whyeat a go, and maybe this is the push I need to stop what Im doing now and get back on track again Recovery clearly isnt what I need right now..