Hello all.
I am a 33 year old mother of two boys (aged 4 and 7) from the southeast region of the United States.
I am 5'6 and weigh between 120-125 lbs. I cannot be more specific than that because this week, my weight has gone up and down like crazy.

I have been bulimic since second grade. My mother was anorexic, and she used to hound me terribly for what I ate and how I looked. Her best friend showed me how to make myself vomit on command, and in the beginning, I would only use it to get out of music class at school. It wasn't long before I started doing it on a daily basis.

I left home at 14, and my weight started going up. I maxed out at 185, when I was about seventeen.
Then, I started a ten-year long love affair with heroin. Needless to say, the pounds fell off (as well as my friends, and more than a few teeth). I continued to purge the whole time, and at my lowest point, I weighed 103 lbs.

I quit drugs when I got pregnant with my first son. I've had a few little relapses here and there, but nothing since winter of 2006. I do drink, though, probably too much- but so far I haven't felt put of control with it, and it doesn't interfere with my daily life- so I figure fuck it, a girl's gotta have something to look forward to after a long day.

I'm not really a binger. I eat normal to smallish portion sizes, but I always always always purge all or part of what I eat. If I try not to, I get really nauseous and headache-y.

A few years ago I started chatting on forums and was able to stop purging almost entirely. I even lost a few pounds!
I am hoping to recreate that experience. I'm just really tired of trying to hide it and constantly worrying that the toilet will back up and spill my secrets.

Let's get started and see what happens.