Okay, I'm so freaking angry atm because my dad and sister doesn't seem to care about moneyissues even though he is in debt.

Like, when I go shopping with my sister she's looking on those exclusive things and I'm like " No way you can't afford that!". She's like : "Of course not, it's dad who is paying". She is SO ignorant about money it's hopeless. In the same time I am struggling to scrape enough money to even go out shopping!! ( I live by myself and she lives with dad). My mum doesn't live with them but frequently go to their place visit.

Now we came to their place to take care of the apt and she found this bill from a bra my sister ordered. Which ofc didn't get paid because they are both on vacation!! Stupid bitch. Then we found the second bill which was like 50 dollars, how the hell is that ok?! My dad will simply pay it and not tell her its WRONG to order things in his name and not care if they get paid or not. So she will continue..

She is saying " I'll go to University in Scotland after high-school" and I'm like... "How can you afford it?" her answer is simply "but scotland is the only country who doesn't have a fee for the education". But STILL, she have to get accommodation, food, things in her apt, books, clothes and stuff! It's NOT free but she doesn't understand it will cost alot. She just assume our dad will pay it.. AGAIN!

SO HOW THE HELL CAN I MAKE THEM REALISE MONEY IS NOTHING TO WASTE LIKE THAT (ON STUPID THINGS LIKE BRAS FOR 70 DOLLAR) MY DAD IS TOO KIND FOR HIS OWN GOOD, EVEN THOUGH HE'S GOT LOTS OF LOANS TO PAY BACK ON!! I feel like its just hopeless that I'm really trying to handle my money with care because my sister get's all dads money (so his debts just gets bigger), instead I can do the same to make sure she doesn't get that much money from him. BUT I'M NOT A GREEDY BITCH LIKE HER AND I'M REALLY TRYING but for no reason. I even refuse money from my parents because I know they're having financial problems, instead I work. My sister refuses to work because she is so used to just getting money. It does not help that her best friends and boy friend comes from the upper class where money is NO problem at all. Her best friends goes to a gym and the fee is like 60 dollars/month. Here the normal price is 20-30 dollars/month but OFC my sister wants to go too. Geeez I'm so mad right not and I don't where to vent excpet from here

How can I make them both realise?! Doesn't matter what me or my mum say!!!!