Dear Weightlessrunner

Thank you once again for your messages and replying to my posts. Again, it really means alot and I cherish and value your words.

It may seem populist and weird but reading people's life stories and experiences with ED's on here, I am begining to care about you all and though it may seem idiotic to say and a bit simplistic, if I could somehow take away your pain and put it on to me, I would because then you would all be happy. Same with my friend, I would swap positions with her in a heartbeat because it would mean she is happy and at peace with herself. I know that may seem wrong but I do really mean it. I do love her and I do constantly think about what she told me last has played on my mind and I just am concerned and secretly heartbroken that she is how she is.

This site and members like yourself have been a great help though and I'm really learning from you guys and though not understanding I am starting to empathise and gain knowledge from your sadness.

Thank you