Hello fellow members!

My real name is Beth, though you can call me Elfreda. It has elvish connotations. I thought that it sounded much more interesting! I have also been informed that I have pointy ears like an elf so its quite fitting. I am 18 and from the UK but I want to live in France. A fantastical land is more preferable but less accessible!

I'm new here (being in the 'introduce yourself is a slight giveaway)!

I have been eating disordered for two years and unfortunately I cannot see myself recovering anytime soon. This is wrecking my life but at the same time it keeps me alive.

Last summer I hit my lowest point, weighing in at 90 pounds. I'm 5'6". Since then I have gained weight. I am now 112 pounds but if anything my mental stability has deteriorated even further.

I feel as though I am trapped in an empty house, void of any furniture, with only my anguished thoughts to fill in the spaces. I want to escape but I have lost the key...