Hi im new to this forum and to major dieting.
i am 15 and i get very depressed about my weight i had bad depression and couldnt even go out. i am still like that now. whenever my ;parents ask if i want to go out i feel consicous that people will be looking and laughing at me due to my size. my friends say i am not that big but i no they are lying i am a size 16 but i only wear size 18 because i have to wear baggy clothes or else i feel like my fat is showing. i weigh about 85-90 kg i no it is a lot! and i
hate myself.
i have been through phases of being ana and have not eaten for a week or so but my parents always force me to eat. i dont want to eat i want to lose weight and i will not eat. right now i should be at school but im not because i am home sick. if i cant be bothered to go to school or i am having a fat day i will make myself be sick i am not ana/mia atm but am slowly becoming ana again. i hate going out/going to school so i make myself sick. my sister died at 14 from mia and it is serious i am now afraid of becoming mia and wish that people understood this. and understood my past and present i need support and also i need someone who will help me with dieting and being ana i need someone who is going through the same and i hope some of you will read thiss and help me to become better i dont want to stop being ana if anything i would rather become ana again than not lose weight. if anyone has any tips that would be helpful. pplease contact me in prrivate mail and i will give u my msn/emaail if u would liek that .