Hi guys!
Okay so similar to a recent post in this forum, my anxiety and panic are at an all time high while I'm in college. This is my second year and I'm not at home this year. Not only do my roommates hate me, and scare me, but my ex-boyfriend has a class with me, and the boys who were at the party where I was raped live across the hall.

I know a lot of this anxiety is PTSD fueled which makes sense, but its also terrifying. The flashbacks are horrible and I've already missed 2 weeks of class. My teachers have excused it, but i HAVE to go back tomorrow or drop out this semester.

All of these situations give me a lot of anxiety, but i feel like its almost too much. I have no one to confide in or feel comfort in out there besides my ex-boyfriend. He gives me anxiety and also is the only one i trust. Definitely an oxymoron, but i guess thats another issue.

I've been having up to 7 panic attacks a day to where i cannot physically function. I cry uncontrollably and shake. My face and legs go numb and i puke for what feels like forever. I got put on Valium and Lexapro but it seems to only help a little.

Should i go back and try tomorrow, and if so what are some ways to help curb my anxiety. Or should i just come home?

Thank you all in advance. Much love and wishes of well being.