I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this... I don't normally start threads (or post that much) but it looks like I'm heading back to treatment again and I was wondering if I could have people's opinions on where to go.

I've been to Renfrew Philadelphia, Princeton EDU twice, and Timberline Knolls. So far Timberline knolls is the only one I would go back to. The others couldn't help me with my other stuff. Not only do I suffer with my eating disorder but also, Bipolar I, severe anxiety disorders, self-harm, and suicidal ideation. And I've found most places say they can treat that stuff while treating the ED but from my experience they can't treat it on the level I need.

So right now the treatment centers we are looking at is going back to Timberline Knolls or going to the Klarman Eating Disorders Program at McLean. I am pretty much willing to go anywhere in the US for treatment. We're looking for more residential type places and a stay of approximately 1-4 months. I just want to get it right this time.

If anyone has any experiences or knows of any good treatment centers that can treat an ED and other mental health issues on the same level let me know please. Also if you have a preference to either Klarman or TK please let me know. Really any help with treatment centers right now would be great. I just want to make the right choice and get my needs met.

Oh, also I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance and medicaid if that makes a difference. I really need to find someplace covered by insurance otherwise we can't pay.

Thank you everyone who bothered to read this and especially to anyone who replies!