Good morning,
Right now I am eating oatmeal- OATMEAL
Fiber packed fear-food for myself, I couldn't have done it without ED sites much like this one. For healthful foods, I am more inclined to eat them because of people like yourselves
I couldn't have put bulimia on a back burner
I couldn't have found the will to get OUTSIDE and walk 3 MILES regardless of my anxieties and painful disorders.

I've dealt with EDs for 3 or more years now. starting with anorexia. It became my coping mechanism whilst my husband was away for the majority of a year+ (holla for getting married to your bff at 19 )
Then I started to self-harm with bulimia
Then binge eating and alcohol
Then I resorted to cutting as I did when I was young- sigh

Then I went to therapy, diagnosed with ENDOS, then soon left because my therapist told me to "light candles, play music, etc. when you're sad" which sounds great for a bad day, but not for depression. (she also told me "the reason you cant read Life without ED is that Ed wont let you!" haha aight )

But, to an extent, it's better now. No blades, 99.9% less purging, a better outlook on life.
And there is the downside. Restricting and fasting an the desire to disappear.

So there is my long winded story and here I am. Feel free to PM me at any time!