I really hate making introduction threads, but apparently I have to do so in order to post on the rest of the forum, so here goes nothing. I'm Ana - yes, that's actually my name. I don't actually have an eating disorder (although at least half of you are chorusing "liar" now, and the other half will soon join). I'm just trying to get back to being healthy, whatever it takes to do so.

I have a history of ED - bulimia in middle school, which became BED in high school, when I stopped being able to purge but couldn't stop binging. I had a lot of other health issues happening at the time, including malnutrition and food sensitivities. Once I reached adulthood, I was severely overweight and started restricting, which has helped quite a bit. 40 kg down, 20 kg to go.

My flatmate considers me anorexic and orthorexic, although the former is laughable, since I'm still over 15 kg overweight. I have done extensive research on food, however, after discovering my food sensitivities. I found that my BED was exacerbated by carb addiction and wheat sensitivity, as well as being very sensitive to MSG, soy, and refined sugars and grains. I have a thyroid disorder, which doesn't help.

Right now, I'm following a restrictive ketogenic diet - really, I'm not restricting myself from anything that I should be eating anyway, but I do bulletproof intermittent fasting as well as safe carb refeeds, which are important for women especially. I don't consider myself ED, but I do accept that my practices seem extreme to some, which is why I tend to end up in ED communities, where people are more understanding and accepting.

Anyway, hello. (: