Ok I know I might get a lot of heat with this thread since this is a very controversial topic, but I thought I would just bring it up anyways. Please don't yell at me guys? Lol <3

So.. I have a dog. She's the best dog in the whole wide world (just like yours lol) and she is getting old. Which scares the hell out of me. I always try not to get too attached to pets because well; they die and then my heart is shredded into pieces and yadayadaya.

I lurked around on the Internet; only to find -as usual- very contradictory statements about the list of countries where the practice of Dog Cloning is legal. Anyways the only thing that came out of that is; I believe, that it is legal in the states, and since recently in the UK?

I wanna stay as far as possible from the whole human cloning conversation, BUT yes I was thinking that collecting cells / DNA from my dog while she is still here couldn't hurt, and it doesn't mean I will definitely do it but at least I know I have that and that it is an option even if I later decide not to use it...?

What do you guys think?
Has anyone ever done it? How does it work? Was it a keffurfle to collect cells or DNA?
For anyone knowledgable on the subject; do you know of a reliable link where the countries in which it is legal are listed ? I don't live in the states..
Have you heard anything I should know on the subject ?
(I didn't even know it could be done until my mom brought it up and showed me these US websites called perpetuate & myfriendagain lol)