Hi, I'm Hanna (please dont mispell my name coz i get really pissed i dun even kno why). I'm 18 from Philippines.

I first had ednos then bulimia, tried to get better and now that Im relapsing I manage not to purge but ended up with binge-eating disorder. I have gained 5kg in 3 months.
I'm miserable but I'm trying to recover not for anyone but for myself.

My ednos started August 2013 all because of the pretty much the same thing with most of us here, dieting.

I've always been skinny since primary school and always have had attention since everyone seems to compliment me (that i was pretty).

I tried so hard to like foods, because just like when we were kids I was fussy eater and didn't like veggies. I was also very active.

I had a cousin who looooves to eat. She was really chubby (i dun wanna say fat) and everyone of my relatives seems to like her so much because she can eat really well. They compliment her because she was not a fussy eater like me and my other cousins. She was always the favourite, even my god mothers pick her over me. I started to eat more and now that i gained weight i wanna lost all these fats.

I hate how I can't stop thinking about food.