/So a lot my deal is OCD. I'm of the mindset that my eating disorder IS my OCD. Which came first and all that?
I have a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.
3/4 of those are currently compulsively neat.
My living room however is a shit tip!!!! I can't seem to get around to this one space.
I'm picking up imaginary "bits" in the other rooms, they are bleached and cleaned and obsessively picked at.
And then I walk through this shit tip living rooom.
I have to be in complete control, until i'm drunk......
But yeah, it's almost like if I do this living room, then, well, then what?????
a normal person says "this isn't that bad" <<< like my cpn when I was in hospital.
But shit to me it''s degrading.
Why am I not dealing with this one room?
why is just toooooo overhwlming to do. when it's not "that bad"
I'm torn between my bullshit and my "more" bullshit.
My mind is
It's turning into my "fuck up room" ..... ah vodkill, this is the LITERAL mess of your mind. Drunk and fucked up. But you touch any of the other rooms and some fucker shall smite thee!!!
like what is actually going on!?