Hi. I've been bulimic for almost 30 years.....I had a thorough treatment over several years and am now b/p just once a week or so. I also have depression and anxiety which I get treated for. I just finished 18 months of intense schooling where I gained about 20 pounds from soothing myself with sweets and no exercise. I have avoided the doctor because I don't want to know my exact weight. Well I went today and although they didn't give me an exact number, they told me I had gained 15 pounds. The doctor then went on to tell me that I need to exercise and lose weight. All I think about everyday, all day is how fat I am. I know I need to exercise. I was just very taken a-back by this. Made feel worse then when I went in. Should I be able to handle having someone tell me I need to lose weight? She also told me men don't get this and you cannot die from it.