First of all apologise for another rapid post, but you guys are the best with helping me towards recovery.

So I made awesome progress today, only one b/p in morning and it was small. I was so proud.

Then obviously later this afternoon I got hungry, but instead of the usual oh well mentality, I pushed trough and was determined to make this a semi successful day.

So I thought I would treat myself to a good size bowl of steamed mixed veg, Telling myself I do need the nutrition and it will do me good.
I took my time, ate slowly and really enjoyed my food for the first time in such a long time.


Fast forward two hours later and I am in such agony!!! My stomach has literally swelled up like a Mellon! It hurts so so so bad from all this fiber, I swore I wouldn't purge and don't intend to, but when will this pain go away?!

So my question is, is the pain related to keeping down a meal, not purging or am I just sensitive to vegetables?

Ouch I hope this goes away soon.