My dreams are so disturbing.
Either they're nightmares, or they're dreams that were fine while I was asleep, but now that I'm awake, they're fucking terrifying.
Sometimes I wake up and don't remember my dreams at first, but then as im going about my day, some little piece of a dream comes back to me, and then it drives me crazy, bc i start to half remember the dream, but cant fully remember it.
Does anyone else struggle with this or have any suggestions?

And about the other kind of dreams. Goals you have. My mom asked me the other day what my dreams are, but honestly, i don't really have any right now. I used to, though.
I'd like to be happy in the future. Also skinny.
But other than that, i don't really have any dreams. I guess maybe the generic stuff--good college, nice boyfriend, close friends, etc. But idk. I think maybe i can't dream bc right now, all i want is to stop being so depressed, stop being so anxious, stop having an ED, be skinny, be happy with my weight, and not feel so alone. I can't really think beyond that.