Ok so

I know personally I have a huge problem with hoarding food. My fridge is literally stuffed full right now, stuff falls out whenever I open the door and finding anything is like an archeological adventure, Indiana Jones style.

Most of it's healthy 'good' food, too. Aside from hot dogs and tamales for the boyfriend and some cans of cinnamon rolls, it's all vegetables and whole grain bread and cheese and berries and eggs and assorted condiments.

I just keep buying stuff I don't need, things I don't even eat, things for recipes I'm never going to make, and you should SEE my dry storage.

leik omg. I could literally feed a family for a week, four meals a day, with the stuff I've accumulated for two people. Technically one, since I have a very strict set of foods I can eat without purging and they don't include half of what I've got stashed.

Any other weird collections you wanna share?