K what the fuck is with guys who bug you to go out then don't text?! Honestly I try to rack my brain asking what the fuck I did wrong because this has happened not once, not twice but THREE times!! So i'm thinking "okay cle, somethings gotta give...." But today I can proudly say I did nothing wrong.

SO I meet some guy on tinder, go through some witty banter, exchange numbers, find out we live in the same area and he asks to go out for coffee and I agree.
the NEXT day we chat all day, he asks if we're still on and I say yes and he says "best news i've heard all day"
this morning I ask if a certain time works for him and he says yes.
then.......... white noise
5pm rolls around, I text him and ask if he wants to raincheck .. nothing..
like PLEASE tell me what's missing here because I sure can't find it.

Similar stories with the other two dipshits only I actually knew those two, hence why I thought I turned them off somehow but SERIOUSLY.

And you know even if I'm the biggest ratchet turn-off in town don't fucking ignore okay? I have shit to do, pretty much have to OCD-level plan my day, be anxious all day about having to actually go out and then don't even have the decency to make up an excuse. Say your tired, sick, have diarrhea or just say fucking NO. URHH! Bunch of pussies I swear, i'm so over being nice to people..