"Soulmates Promise"

Crossroads of life Align and rotate,
Destiny unravels and bound for fate,
Soulmates walk alone tieing life with lace,
Crossroads switching in time and two will face,
Seperate experiences created soulmates prime,
Unaware paving to the unknown sign,
Souls spared,it's love that's guided,
Pairing their memories that was once divided,
Joined hearts through the Hourglass Sands,
Endless Love unshaken and all it withstands,
Echo of adore ripples beyond their eternity,
Seeking the void forever,only one Cure, One idenity,
A soulmates promise never too far behind,
Each Time I pray it's you I'll Find,
P.S and Signed

"Rainy Slow Dance"

A Rainy slow dance Together
warm hands Soft as a feather
Eyes locked and a happy smile
Love strong enough to dance a mile
Hearts shared our Soul given Some
Soft skin tangled two pulses into one
Feeling the moment freezing time
Movement a synchronized Rhyme
A Rainy Slow Dance Together
Seals our bond Forever