I haven't really been keeping to up-to-date with Hollyoaks but I'm going to be catching up tonight -- is Jason having issues with Anorexia? Seems to be that way, he has hid food and dislikes himself, etc., etc.

I know they had this storyline with the character Hannah, and I know it dragged on a bit but I am kind of hoping they will do so with Jason. It feels important, he's a male and it's not often covered that us males suffer.

It would be awkward to watch with my family as when Hollyoaks was covering Anorexia the first time round it was clear to my family as it was showing that I was relating a little too well to the characters of Hannah and Melissa, as I was struggling practically the same before, during and after that point!

But like I say, not often is it told of males struggling all the same.