Since I was seven years old my Dad took a special interest in me, controlling what I ate, Wore, Said, etc. But then it started to get more intense, it got to the point to where if I messed up he'd get really angry. My dad has an alcohol addiction as well as a drug one. I find that more often than not he's under some influence. him and i have really bad days and sometimes we have great days where I actually feel loved and cared about. But when it rains, it pours. Sometimes I walk away with a broken spirit other times a bruised up body. I haven't talked to anyone about this ever, I've never really assessed it either. All I know is he wants a perfect daughter and he won't stop till he has control in his life and over me. One day Ill regain his love and we will be a perfect family. But one thing that he has always told me was to just stay quiet, if it had been anyone else i would've told my friend, but he's my dad, I love him, I need him. If anyone is in a similar situation please contact me either through the forum or pm. much love,