= never leaving your ehh job because I'm not sure I can handle a 'real' adult job.

I hate having to reflect on where I'm going and my career. Sure I might seem 'meticulous' about (trivial, time wasting details at) work.. And then I can't justify leaving a job keeping my head above water when I'd just be wasting my time with graduate school or breaking into a mobile career where someone more deserving and capable could be.

It took 4 fucking hours just to write down 4 good things about my performance and 4 'goals' (apparently I need to be more approachable at work. LOL, half the time I'm avoiding eye contact and being in the same room to be scrutinized, whaaat?)

:/ Annd it might be that my image issues make feeling uncomfortable and like I don't belong in suits even *worse*.

Anyone else feel like too much stuff is tangling and piling on that you can't begin to undo the Jenga pile of issues?