So basically I know a fair share about different at home ways to exercise, thought I mostly know about how to convert fat into muscle and get toned rather than getting skinny and just losing weight via diets, my way is generally less limiting intake and more optimising what you do with the energy and how to exercise and well get toned/lean over time.

In my idea of "losing weight" is less about losing weight and more about losing fat, best way to do that is to turn it into muscle weight will only at start change alot but with time it you will lose fat but less weight since you gain muscle and that way get toned, its another type of weight, lets say its a good type of weight.

And for the girls getting muscle for guys and girls/women is very different guys "bulk up" easier and girls get toned, unless you get really extreme women wont turn into female gorillas despite the cliche they will rather get a tight toned body over time NOT Bulk.

In my eyes its a good alternative, and a healthy somewhat admired alternative to losing weight since you basically only lose fat but dont turn underweight.

And well I might be able to help you with getting toned and losing the extra pounds in fat you dont want, but I wont advertise dieting and purging, rather my knowledge is about Converting /Intake to Output and leaning/tone via workouts rather than dietary changes feel free to reply to the post if you are interested since not everyone can PM, I am generally online/my pc is running so I should be reachable via chat