I already take a lot of medication due to my body being unhealthy or some shit... and i have to take
2 iron tablets a day forever, 2 vitamin D a day forever, 2 a day of nurofen tablets for 2 weeks, and 1 immune tablet a day.. my parents don't really care as much and my mum says a lot of hurtful things to me so I've increased the stupid daily intake before i stopped taking it completely and so my mum found out and told me off big time and so i started taking it again but doubled it so 4 iron tablets, 6 vitamin D and stopped taking the nurofen and finished the bottle of immune tablets and don't want to tell my mum because it was a big bottle.
and i tend to see weird animals flying around me at certain points of the day but i don't tell anyone because then they will think I'm crazy and make fun of me...
but i want to know does this happen with anyone