Ana's Wings
January 19, 2007

I can hear the beating of her wings crystal clear,
I've never heard anything so loud, so near.
I can feel her lift me up, her wings taking flight.
Going to a place where I'm forever light.

She tells me just to follow her every demand,
I reply eagerly, "Yes Ana! I certainly can!"
She'll make me thin, perfect, and pure,
These are the things I know for sure.

Never will I stray from the protection that she gives,
She makes me calm, saying this is the only way to live.
She is absolutely right, no way will I let go.
For she's the only way I'll lose the weight I know.

So forever in the air, like a bird taking flight
I'll be thin, I'll be perfect. I'll be pure and light.
I'll remain with her forever. I can hear it now, the ring.
The ring, itís the sound of Ana's wings.

I hope everyone enjoyed that poem Any comments?