i've been registered on this site since 2011, but have never posted. i used to post to another eating disorder forum but i cant find it.
i used to have bulimia, through my teens. i'm now 23 and i have started noticing restrictive behaviours. i generally like the way my body looks in clothes but when i look at myself in the mirror, nude, i hate it. i also hat what the scale tells me. this morning i was 66.4kgs, now i'm 67.4. i've been drinking though. my friends went for chips after the club, but i left without saying goodbye to them.
Is this a chink in the chain or a relapse? i was semi-restrictive in my teens (family dinners, yo. what can i do?) but now i'm on my own i feel like i could really spiral.
my goal was always 50kgs. could i get there now?